Dr. Ajay Chhabra

Dr. Ajay Chhabra

Dr. Ajay Chhabra is one of the expert in diabetes and thyroid disorder in Ranchi, Jharkhand with more than 10 years of clinical expert. He is Consultant Diabetologist & Physician. He have more than 1 lakh of treated patients. Dr. Ajay Chhabra is also attached to Santevita Hospital and Dev Kamal Hospital.

Dr. Ajay Chhabra has great social commitments. He is

  • President of Lions Club Ranchi Premium.
  • Secretry of Academic Memorial Forum Ranchi.
  • Executive Member of G.N.B School.
  • Life Member: RSSDI, I.M.A, NMO
  • President of Alumni Association of St. Anthony.

Dr. Ajay Chhabra is famous as:


Doctor For Thyroid Treatment and

Consultant Physician